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Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Get silky smooth skin with this all-in-one waxing kit

- Easy to adjust temperature gauge. Constant temperature technology keeps wax at the right level.

- Suitable for heating all types of wax including hard, canned, Brazilian, wax beads and blocks.

- The lightweight inner pot melts wax efficiently and is easy to clean. Non-stick aluminum interior warms evenly.

Package Include:
• 1pc 200ml electric wax warming pot. This electric warmer will stop heating once it reaches a certain warmth, giving you a more comfortable waxing experience.
• 8 large applicators for depilating different areas. Use the larger sticks to remove legs, back and chest hairs.
• 4 small applicators for depilating different areas. Use the smaller sticks to remove eyebrow and upper-lip hairs.
•6 × 50g/1.8oz packets of skin-friendly hard-wax beads. Wax beads made using natural rosin, coconut oil and beeswax, it's specially formulated to minimize irritation.

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