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Deep Cleanse Face Mask

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Deep Cleanse Face Mask


•Carbonated Bubble Clay Face Mask cleanses skin with its rich carbonated foam

•Clay mask absorbs blackhead, cleanse pore and cleanse surplus oil and also firm pore

•This popular bubble clay mask is a two-in-one cleanse, as it deep-cleanses pores and washes away makeup reside

•It is formulated with charcoal powder to deeply cleanse as it tightens and refine pores. Bubbles activate to stem plate a deep cleanse as it melts away debris

•The clay reaches deep Into the skin to deliver nutrients to keep the skin soft, it also aids in controlling excess sebum to keep pores clear and pore-cogging impurities.

•Nourish skin

•Hydrates and moisturise

•Throughly cleanse makeup off your face

•Can be used to treat acne

•Removes blackhead

•Suitable for all skin types

•For men and women

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