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Breast Lift Tape

Wear Whatever Clothes You Want - Have you ever had a cute dress but couldn’t find breast covers that worked? Go braless and feel confident. Our breast lift tape provides enough support for your bust, so you can move freely in any outfit.

Our reliable, high-quality 5M roll breast tape fits all bust shapes and sizes with a stretch capability of up to 170%. Cut the tape to suit your unique figure and adjust as needed.

Using a bra lift tape frees your boobies from tight straps and wires. Aside from covering your nipples and holding your breasts in place, this durable breast tape provides unparalleled comfort even in extreme movement.

- Easy to use - cut to any size and shape
- Lifts for perfect cleavage
- Fits all bust shape and size
- Comfortable and Breathable
- Waterproof and moisture resistant
- Skin friendly and anti-allergenic
- Latex free

Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Fabric: Elastic

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