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Breast Lift Boob Tape

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The breast lift boob tape for breast lifting is easy to put on once you get tape on how you like it, it gives your boobs an instant lift! The boob lift tape is friendly to your skin and gives comfortable feeling, but very supportive and removes without much issue. The breast tape gives you more options of wearing any outfit than a strapless bra does, it's comfortable and stays in place, not only give natural lifting and also be invisible under clothes, which definitely help your outfit look great with more confidence in any place.


•Waterproof and breathable


•Invisible for the clothes you have

•Comfortable and convenient

•Instant breast lift, add cleavage

•Suitable with any cup size

•Nice alternative and break from wearing bra all the time

•High quality material 95% cotton and 5% spandex

•Sticks well, no worrying about slipping or falling off

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