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Lash Lift Kit

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Imagine waking up to perfectly curled lashes everyday without the need to constantly maintain them.

This eyelash perm is fast, efficient, hygienic, and durable. Use it to create beautiful eyelashes without an eyelash curler.

Safe and Effective - The eyelash perming kit glue is purely made from plant extract and a gentle fragrance and no irritation.
Infused with keratin and other premium ingredients, the lash lift kit provides intense nourishment and gentle care for stronger lashes.

Natural and Safe - TUsing natural plant extracts, without gluten, paraben, phthalate, ethylene oxide, betaine, sulfate, polyquaternium, and color, it is 100% vegan & cruelty free. In case of getting the product into the eyes, wash it off with running water!

- Suitable for beginner and professional
- Suitable for salon, home or personal use
- Includes all tools need for lash perming
- For all lash types
- 1 Kit can do 15 people

Package Include: Perm lotion 1 bottle + Fixation lotion 1 bottle + Nutrition lotion 1 bottle + Cleanser lotion 1 bottle + 5ml/bottle False Lashes Glue 1 bottle + Silicone Lash Lift pads 5 pairs(S,M,M1,M2,L) + Y-shape Brushes 3 pieces

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