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2pcs Jade Massagers For Face Body Roller Set

2pcs Jade Massagers For Face Body Roller Set



When used as a massage tool, it provides relaxation making it a perfect wind down tool for your night time routine.
It can be used also as a jade roller for body, cold face massager, and a face roller for puffiness.
When used after applying serums and face oils, it helps to penetrate the product deeper into the skin.
This anti aging jade roller also promotes blood circulation. It is small and light enough to carry with you on the go or to bring travelling.
It supports natural collagen production, as it is a real jade roller made from authentic jade. It can also alleviate sinus pressure.
Not only do all these benefits apply, the natural jade stone itself has been around for many years and has gained a reputation of creating harmony of the mind, body & spirit as well as creating emotional release and healing.
The rollers work for all skin types making anyone a perfect candidate for use or for gift giving.
These rollers are crafted with 100% real jade stone.
The stone is of high quality and attached to the handle with durable hardware that is built to last for years of use.

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